Kansas City Baby Photography at Three Months Old

This stage is generally the easiest of the four stages. Why? Because your baby isn’t moving around, isn’t in the throes of teething, nor is he or she experiencing separation anxiety. All these are common in the later stages.

As a Kansas City baby photographer specialist I can tell you at this stage it often helps to practice with your baby before coming in for your scheduled appointment. Lay your baby on a blanket on the floor and bring both hand in front of your baby’s chest. Hold your hand on to of your baby’s hands and the head should pop up.

Clothing choices
When you bring your baby in, have them wearing something that can be easily removed. I like to start the session bare chested. Why? After doing so many of these I learned that these tend to be the family favorites for the panel. Getting something you will love for the panel is job one!

As your baby photographer, my advice for this stage (well… really all the stages) is to keep it simple. You don’t need to bring a lot of outfit changes. For this outfit change please bring no more than two outfits. Most of our work will be with your baby in her diaper or naked. Their bare soft skin is so precious and makes for wonderful, adorable images.

With the outfits you do choose it’s important to remember a few key things. Try to keep the outfits you choose fitting, and not too loose. We don’t want the clothing to bunch up or slip over hands and just look awkward. Important: your Kansas City baby photography will look it’s best if you avoid paterns and stripes. Solid colors always look better. We want our eyes to go straight to your baby’s eyes when you see the images. Not to their clothing. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Also, avoid yellows and reds. Sure we have some wonderful photography of babies in both those colors on this website, but for some reason it usually doesn’t compliment your baby’s face and distracts from their wonderful expressions. This is art, so rules are made to be broken, think of these as guidelines.